Just one of the thing I got up my sleeve for Otakuthon 2022 😎 Got some cute pocket-meru acrylic keychains and testing something else on the side shh 👀

here’s a random doodle I did for leisure when I had a headache, idk i liked the face so posting anyway

4.9 / 5. 99

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  1. hi! Sorry for the bad English, I’m writing through a translator. I wanted to ask if you can show the settings of your brushes in sai? lines, shadows, highlights.. if it’s not difficult for you!

  2. Tu es clairement le premier booth que je fais à l’Otak! SO HYPE, it’s going to be amazing!

  3. Damn. Probably not gonna be able to pay if it doesn’t get world wide shipping if it even comes out of the con. I was just thinking of buying a smaller pad too. I really hope I can get this, looks sick!

  4. Meru now officialy has content to strain your wrist and to have it take a break. Incredible

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